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Magazine Happy @Blackstone Edge Studios

Artist Sheila Ford Richmond's home - Small Rooms Decorating - Nov 2012 ©Blackstone Edge Studios

Forgive us for being away from our blog for sooo long!!! Summer is always such a busy time here Blackstone Edge Studios. Clients and magazine editors are gearing up for the good weather, and assignments are starting to roll in from both.

Upcoming magazine spreads can be found in a panoply of titles, including the second issue of Romantic Prairie Style and the fall premiere of French Country – both by editor Fifi O’Neill, another Portrait of Portland spread in the upcoming issue, following our dual covers featuring client GHID ( that are still on the stands at present. Vintage Style and Vintage & Victorian will both feature works (3 in all) by Blackstone Edge Studios. Vintage Style is due out VERY SHORTLY, we hear! Great before and after spread on Linda & Bob Balta’s Vancouver home therein.

Balta Home (After) for Vintage Style ©Blackstone Edge Studios

Watch, too, for the August/September issue of Gray Magazine – for a big/little surprise therein!!

An article in the fall issue of Old House Journal on creating a dormer expansion will feature my article and photos by Blackstone Edge Studios, as well. The November issue of Small Rooms magazine will be filled with some yummy surprises, including Sheila Ford Richmond’s home, and a couple of winners by GHID!

Country’s Best Cabins this month features a log home designed by Nita & Tim Tidyman, which we shot last summer. We still recall the great time and beautiful lunch prepared by Nita Tidyman, owner of Centralia’s Berryfield Cafe. Here’s two shots the magazine didn’t print that we love…

The Tidymans' unique master bedroom ©Blackstone Edge Studios

Tidymans' Living Room seating area ©Blackstone Edge Studios

Let’s not forget upcoming issues of Old-House Interiors, Arts & Crafts Home, as well as next years Home Tours issue of Country Sampler. We’ll be shooting for next year this summer, including Cottage Style and Fresh Cottage.

Okay, I’m making myself tired, just reliving all these wonderful homes – the articles – the shoots – the wonderful, talented folks who let us come into their homes to honor their talents and to share them with our readers and fans. Blessings to you all!

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BSE Scores TWO Covers for its client GHID

BSE's 2nd Portrait Cover for GHID - for Washington State

On occasion, magazines will print more than one cover for their magazines.  Nowadays they’ll even do Facebook page queries to see what readers think about cover ideas before they print. Covers are what sell magazines. See something intriguing and your hand reaches out… Hmmm… What’s this, you think, and suddenly your eyes are feasting on what’s inside that favorite “book.”

A similar thing happened with Portrait Magazine, which chose to feature two of Blackstone Edge Studios’ images to grace its twin covers  for its sister publications: Portrait of Portland and Portrait Magazine. The former is published in Oregon, the latter in other West Coast states, such as Washington.

So, if you’re in line at the checkout counter, or perusing the magazine section in one of the big bookstores in Washington, you’ll see the kitchen cover shot we did  for the spread on our client GHID – Garrison Hullinger Interior Design‘s award-winning house in Battle Ground, Washington. This is the canning area of the large kitchen that was fashioned in part after a film – “Something’s Gotta Give,” starring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton – which home deisgner Mike Blondino shared with his clients as a starting point for their home’s design. Hullinger created this charming canning area to counterbalance the larger islands alongside it.

BSE's Portrait of Portland cover - #1

If you’re out and about in Oregon or Portland, you’ll see this shot from the GHID Battle Ground home as its Hampton style cover. Either way, hope you enjoy the 12-page spread inside, replete with an article by yours truly – Donna Pizzi.

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Blackstone Edge Studios Promotes Charmaine Manley Design

Charmaine Manley Design HQ in Bend's new CUBE

Blackstone Edge Studios took a trip to Bend this past weekend to create elements for an advertising campaign and European magazine spread for Charmaine Manley Design.  Manley’s new interior design headquarters are located in the innovative CUBE – a series of shipping containers that house the offices of some of Bend’s most creative companies. Charmaine conceived the idea and worked together with other members of the Bend creative design community to see it to its fruition. The grand opening will occur on Saturday, April 28th from 6-9 pm. Located next door to the Sparrow Bakery, it’s a sight not to be missed. Watch here for more info and imagery! You’ll love Charmaine Manley‘s sense of color!

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Blackstone Edge Studios Creates YouTube Presentation for Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

A screen capture from the 1-minute video intro for the GHID presentation at Rejuvenation 4/5/12 ©Blackstone Edge Studios

In honor of Garrison Hullinger’s presentation at Rejuvenation tonight  (4/5/12) @ 6pm, which is co-sponsored by NW Natural The Blue Home, we created a one-minute video using images we’ve shot of GHID’s work over the years, along with some technical wizardry, and original music, as a type of video elevator speech…  We’ve just uploaded it to YouTube for those who are unable to attend tonight’s presentation. It’s sure to get you excited about the team @ GHID and the quality of their work.

Here’s the link!!!

His Seahound Ranch is featured in this month’s Gray Magazine out of Seattle (3rd issue of this new magazine), featuring our images, as well as the upcoming issue of Portrait Magazine due out shortly, for which we did the images, article and cover!

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At Blackstone Edge Studios we tend to put our fingers in quite a few pies – guess it’s part and parcel of keeping the coffers full, the mind active, and the heart creative.

Clafoutis aux frambroises - raspberries picked along Blackstone Edge Studios' fence ©

In the magazine business, editors often awaken like a spring robin the minute they see the first sign of crocus and daffodils emerging from the snow-covered (or in the Pacific Northwest, Rain-Soaked) ground. One glance out our storm-lashed windows today shows trees budding out in shades of lime green (yes, my favorite), deep coral (another fav), and blooming, early-bird white clematis bushes already reaching for the sky!

Blackstone Edge Studios' Italian Garden - White Clematis ©

In the good ole days, magazines preferred to shoot a year ahead – matching weather for weather. Nowadays, we find editors shoot from the hip, hoping, in some cases, the magazine will still be there by the time the ink is dry on the next issue…

So, how about, we thought, a little preview of some articles about to emerge like those tulips that are next in line to bloom after the drenched daffodils make room for their late-blooming bulb companions…

This is a teaser from a shoot we did last fall, due out this spring in SMALL ROOMS DECORATING Magazine. I just LOVE this house and its artistic owner… Sheila Ford Richmond.

Sheila Ford Richmond's kitchen - Yummy! ©

An Astoria home with historic roots holds many surprises within… Watch for VINTAGE & VICTORIAN magazine to see the rest…

An historic home sits atop an Astoria hilltop ©

And a real treat – a before and after story in the about-to-be released magazine: VINTAGE STYLE about a Vancouver home that changed its shabby chic decor for modernism – thanks to the talented design team, Linda & Bob Balta – due out this spring.

The Baltas' Shabby Chic look ©

The Baltas "After" de-cluttered Modern look - ©

We’ve got more in the “hopper” as well… But we don’t want to spoil your appetite with too many sweet things right before the upcoming Easter Egg hunt… Chocolate eggs anyone?

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BSE “REALLY ROCKS” Cottage Style Summer 2012 ISSUE

BSE Scores BIG in the Summer 2012 Cottage Style with FIVE FEATURED STORIES

To quote Cottage Style Managing Editor, Janet Mowat, “Blackstone Edge Studios really rocked this issue of Cottage Style!”

Interestingly, every one of the five houses we photographed, styled and wrote about just HAPPENED to be located in Washington State.  Now, each of the homeowners is awaiting to receive their copies and for it to hit the stands with bated breath…

In the meantime, here are some TEASER images you WON’T  SEE in the issue (because this issue is SO PACKED with 15 HOMES, they couldn’t run them all).

Candy Moger’s dreamy master bedroom & upstairs guest bedroom, carved out of a storage closet are two images we love here @ BSE:

Candy Moger's Master Bedroom @ the Beach ©

Candy turned a storage closet into this charming Guest BR, replete with window into the adjacent loft ©

Being Italian, I also love this shot from the master bedroom at Pamela Brown’s Tuscan-style home. Pam is the former owner of Camas, Washington’s popular Piccolo Paradiso Caffe… which BSE helped to get on its feet in its earliest stages.

This corner of Pam's Master BR is deliciously Old World Italia - settee from Justin & Burks Antiques, PDX, Faux Finished table by Peggy del Rosario ©

Pam's own Tuscan inspired oil paintings are featured here. ©

Jill & Eric Yates, of The House of Yates, in Olympia, Washington, are mad about Hawaiian Plantation Style design. Check out two of the yummy images not seen in the magazine:

You'll see this Mermaid guest BR from a different angle. ©

The remodeled bath was one of the first tasks in bringing around the Yates' once dilapidated, but charming home. ©

Wanda Vinton of Studio West Interiors received a big 9-page spread that opens the Patriotic Style section of the popular magazine.

Hydrangeas spill from a rustic antique iron piece ©

A sunny corner of the Vinton beach cottage ©

Susan Kashas, former owner of a popular Camas gift shop, recently moved her master BR upstairs, and added a coffee bar in the kitchen/mudroom area.

An angle toward the dormer window in the Kashas Master BR ©

This butler's sink & coffee bar are located near the back door off the kitchen. ©

Kudos to everyone in this issue for the beautiful, creative work they achieved that made them magazine worthy.  THANK YOU!!!

Also, be sure to let us know if you or one of your friends has a photogenic home. We shoot & write for a number of national and local interior design magazines, who are always EAGER to have us work for them. We are especially in need of Country  style homes at the moment. But we’ll look at all styles.

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Blackstone Edge Studios Captures GHID Team @ Work

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design team in their newly expanded design HQ

Blackstone Edge Studios has been the agency of record for Garrison Hullinger Interior Design (GHID) for a number of years. This past year Garrison and his talented team – Nicole Copko, Alison Van Delden and Lisa Luchaco – have gone stratospheric.  As a unique marketing approach, I suggested that we illustrate the process of creating great interior design – and in this case – pulling together additional elements for local and national magazine shoots scheduled later that same week as a way to further promote the company. What better way to catch the busy team @ work, I said, than to follow the group with three of  Blackstone Edge Studios’ best shooters…

BSE Shooters - Justin Myers, owner Philip Clayton-Thompson & Marshal Serna @ GHID - Cell Shooter - Donna Pizzi

When we began photographing homes for magazines years ago, the magazines were really the prime way for interior designers to bring credence to their work and clients to their doorstep. Today, the tables have changed. Now it’s social media that often drives the editors of magazine. While both of these entities usually focus solely on room decor, we @ BSE think it’s the people who drive the creativity and wanted to show them in action.

Lisa, Nicole & Alison put together a presentation in the new GHID conference room ©

Owner Garrison Hullinger at Kravet Fabrics ©

Nicole Copko also writes the GHID blog ©

We’re always searching for unique ways to create business opportunities for our clients.  One way is encourage them to create blogs on their websites, or as standalone social media outlets.

The GHID Team exiting Ferguson's ©

A day after we took these photos, we began a 2-day shoot at an elegant beach house, featuring Garrison Hullinger’s interior design. Watch for more on that exciting event right here.

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Blackstone Edge Studios Congratulates Street of Dreams Dream Team

Street of Dreams "Near" Cover

Blackstone Edge Studios congratulates its clients – the 2011 Award-Winning Street of Dreams Team – for their beautiful spread in the November issue of Portrait of Portland, powered by BSE’s photography.  Special kudos to Rick & Candace White of The WhiteHouse Collection, Sue Amos of Paul Schatz Furniture and builder John Noffz, Jr. of Brentwood Homes for their stellar work, which we were able to publish through our connections with Portrait Magazine. You can see a small selection of the BSE photography taken of this “Best of  Show” in the latest Portrait issue, along with my interview of the team. Our photo of the Con Amore dining room was one of the runners up for the cover, as seen above. Here are a few other shots from this summer’s two-day extravaganza, which included assignments for TruStile Doors, and a major window manufacturer.

Exterior of "Best of Show" - Con Amore ©Blackstone Edge Studios 2011

Stunning Sedum planters @ Con Amore ©Blackstone Edge Studios 2011

Master Hallway @ Con Amore ©Blackstone Edge Studios 2011

BSE's TruStile Door Photography @ Con Amore ©Blackstone Edge Studios 2011

Our Homage to the Flat Iron Bldg, NYC @ Con Amore ©

As a regular contributor to this magazine, I cover a multitude of stories. In this issue, I enjoyed interviewing award-winning New York interior designer Matthew Patrick Smyth about his popular new book “Living Traditions: Interiors.” I also had the honor of writing the story to accompany Portrait publisher Claudia Brown’s beautiful kitchen transformation.  Check them all out!

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Blackstone Edge Studios has been busy photographing a wide-range of intriguing homes this summer, for which we’re very grateful. Kudos to all the homeowners whose beautifully designed homes were magazine worthy. Here’s a little peek!

© Blackstone Edge Studios - shot @ Jill & Eric Yates Home

© Blackstone Edge Studios - Justin & Burks Studio over Shop

We were further honored to learn this week that Old-House Interiors chose to reprint three kitchens we photographed, including the Portland home of Don Hastler and Dan Bergsvik, which was featured on a recent OHI cover.

© Blackstone Edge Studios - Hastler-Bergsvik Kitchen featured in OHI's "Kitchen Classics"

Even more humbling was the kind note Lori Viator of Old-House Interiors included with the good news:

Thank you again for sharing your great art, your images and text that help make the book beautiful.

© Blackstone Edge Studios - Joan & Barbee Kruse Arts & Crafts kitchen will be featured in OHI's Kitchen Classics Magazine

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Blackstone Edge Studio Promotes New Clients

© Blackstone Edge Studios - Great architectural angle from award-winning Street of Dreams Home - Con Amore

So many times, we are asked, “What do you do at Blackstone Edge Studios?”

Promote! Promote! Promote Our clients!

How do we do it?

We’re not publicists. But we understand the tremendous value of publicity.

We’re not just a photographic company or simple art directors, videographers or web & blog designers.

We are so much more… at least according to our local postmasters, who love to read and comment on our countless promotional postcards as they pass through their station.

“Hey,” asked Dana, the head postmaster the other day, “You guys at Blackstone Edge seem do everything! Are you going to start giving USPS a run for their money as well?”

Well, we don’t deliver mail, but here’s what we do!

When the interior designer, architect and furniture company who collaborated on the Street of Dreams House – Con Amore – wanted some photos taken of their work, they got a bid from a local photographer. Then they heard about us.

They compared the work on each website…

Sure, our photos were decidedly better, but that’s not the end of story.

© Blackstone Edge Studios - One of Philip Clayton-Thompson's closeups of the award-winning sedum planters @ Con Amore

We saw potential beyond simple portfolio use.

We thought it could be published as well.

Yesterday, Con Amore won numerous awards, including:


Today, we learned that it will get a large spread in a high-end magazine, thanks to our efforts and their combined talents.

Congratulations to:

Candace & Richard White of The White House Collection, Sue Amos of Paul Schatz Furniture, John Noffz of Brentwood Homes, Quadrant Systems, G2 Outdoor Living and Drew Tolmie of Kitchens & More

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