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April 2016 OHJ Cover

April 2016 OHJ Cover

We’ve been amiss lately about posting on our blog. Hot off the stands is the latest Old House Journal Blackstone Edge cover, with kudos to our clients Karla Pearlstein of Restoring History and Matthew Roman of Roman Design, LLC. Watch for the next Country Sampler cover, due out also in April, which will feature one of our images from the home of Judy Dudonsky, owner of Farmstead Antiques in Kelso, WA.

Here’s a few other covers we’re proud to have published this past year!

Design Center Cover

Design Center Cover

Log Home Living Cover

Green with Envy Interiors – Log Home Living Cover

Karla Pearlstein's Pantry OHJ Cover

Karla Pearlstein’s Pantry OHJ Cover

Arts & Crafts Homes Cover

Arts & Crafts Homes Cover

Country Sampler Cover

Country Sampler Cover


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Blackstone Edge Studios – 60 Second Beauty Energizer

An image from 60 Second Beauty Energizer - the Nichelin home featured in the latest French Country Style

An image from 60 Second Beauty Energizer – the Nichelin home featured in the latest French Country Style

You’ve heard of the Energizer Bunny, right? Well, Blackstone Edge Studios, known for its yummy vignettes, has compiled a bevy of beautiful, perky, funny, images, including some funny cats, dogs, and mannequins – as the perfect way to start your day! Or uplift that 4 o’clock slump. The music, composed and performed by Colin E. Cowles is the best antidote to any sort of bad weather blues. Now, just click and enjoy! Don’t be afraid to click several times, just to see them all again… and, well, maybe AGAIN!

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BSE Cover shot for Arts & Crafts Home Spring 2014

BSE Cover -Arts & Crafts Home Spring 2014

While snow flurries dot the Portland landscape, a flurry of national and international covers by Blackstone Edge Studios are appearing on newstands every where. This adorable seaside cabin with a lighthouse tower – article written and house styled by Donna Pizzi of BSE – is located in Cannon Beach, Oregon. We shot the cabin after photographing a pair of homes, one in Cannon Beach and another in Astoria, Oregon for the same magazine.

BSE cover for Old-House Journal Spring 2014

BSE cover for Old-House Journal Spring 2014

The Brick House Beautiful, which we photographed for Old-House Interiors before it was shuttered has now graced the covers of two Old-House Journals, including the initial 40 year anniversary cover of the combined magazines. Kudos to clients Karla Pearlstein of Restoring History and  Matthew Roman of Roman LLC for the kitchen design. Here’s the cover shot of exterior.

BSE's Old-House Journal 40th Anniversary cover

Finally we shot an Oregon hi-tech CEO for the cover of Mobile Europe, which should appear very shortly!

We’re nearing 200 national covers very soon…



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Blackstone Edge Studios Looks Back on Old-House Interiors

It’s no news that magazines have been undergoing some hard times lately! But we were surprised to find that the popular Old-House Interiors is now being combined with Old-House Journal into one better and brighter single edition. Editor Patricia Poore has written poignantly of her days as a new mom starting Old-House Interiors in 1995, to her present-day tripartite editorship with Arts & Crafts Homes Revival and Early Homes and now the combining of the Old-House magazines. You can scroll through a couple of decades of magazines, where you’ll find many of our covers and stories, if you link here.

We’d forgotten a couple of our own covers in the mix, starting with this summer 1997 cover of a bath we photographed up in the Spokane, Washington, area.


And this one from Fall 2004, a kitchen designed by old-house aficionados, Steve Austin & Cathy Hitchcock, here in Portland, Oregon.


You can see a number of our articles online, including a portion of the cover article from the new combined October 2013 edition of Old-House Journal here. And here’s BSE’s cover on the newly combined magazine of the Brick House Beautiful owned by Sue Carter & Bob Low, celebrating Old-House Journal’s 40th anniversary!

BSE's Old-House Journal 40th Anniversary cover

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Blackstone Edge Studios On The Newstands

Jennifer & Bret Hopkins' living room with original staircase.

Jennifer & Bret Hopkins’ living room with original staircase. ©Blackstone Edge Studios

Looking for a good summer read? Just go to your local newstand and browse the interior design magazine section! There you’ll find several very lengthy articles by yours truly accompanied by spectacular photos by Blackstone Edge Studios ! Just out is American Dream Cottages, with a 10 page feature (pp34-44) on Jennifer and Bret Hopkins restored 1930s cottage in Ilwaco, Washington. There are a few humorous and “yucky” stories about that makeover that didn’t make the magazine, but suffice it to say, they had to do with bat guano in massive quantities!!! Jennifer is a CPA who has no idea what a talented designer she is. Bret is amazingly handy and together they’re an awesome team.

Rockabilly star Marti Brom and her husband Bobby fell in love with this 1948 treasure trove, then lost it... until fate dropped it in their hands

Rockabilly star Marti Brom and her husband Bobby fell in love with this 1948 treasure trove, then lost it… until fate dropped it in their hands.

©Blackstone Edge Studios

 Another lengthy spread is found in this month’s Old-House Interiors magazine (pp48-54), featuring Rockabilly star Marti Brom and her husband Bobby’s 1948 Portland, Oregon, home. The tale of how they found this house online while living in Washington, D.C. and then proceeded to lose it when they made an offer is as interesting as the kitchy vintage design Marti has created for it. Having spent years as a window dresser in Texas, her style is distinct and unique.

One of our favorite angles in Norma Ainslie's home.

One of our favorite angles in Norma Ainslie’s home.

©Blackstone Edge Studios

 Another stunning home getting a lot of feedback is Norma Ainslie’s, which appears in the premier issue of French Country Style. Norma turned this ordinary creekside home into a sumptuous residence filled with her handiwork, including all the plasterwork, faux stone application and beamed ceilings that she created from barnwood mixed with stained wood from a big box company… The befores would make you really understand the breadth of her gift as a designer! Chapeau, Norma!!! (pp38-47). And to editor Fifi O’Neill.

More magazine spreads are on their way, including the new COLOR MAGAZINE, featuring one of my favorite homes found in Hood River, Oregon, as well as STORAGE SOLUTIONS,  COUNTRY DECORATING IDEAS, FLEAMARKET GARDENS, etc. ,etc.

Have a wonderful, and meaningful Memorial Day, one and all!



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GHID & Blackstone Edge Studios Featued in PRISMMA – An Indian Online Magazine

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design is featured in the March issue of Prismma, featuring images by Blackstone Edge Studios

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design is featured in the March issue of Prismma, with images by Blackstone Edge Studios (Click to Enlarge)

Our client Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, who has been working with new clients in India, is also being featured in Prismma, an online Indian magazine this month – available for viewing here. The article appears in the segment entitled “Globe Trot.”  The expansive layout features images exclusively by Blackstone Edge Studios

Congratulations to Garrison and his growing team on being given such wonderful coverage!

(The link to BSE site, by the way, is only partially visible in the dark sofa at right!)

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Blackstone Edge Studios Garners Another National Magazine Cover

Small Kitchens national cover - © Blackstone Edge Studios

Blackstone Edge Studios announces another colorful national interior design magazine cover – This time for “Small Kitchens” – Due out on newstands September 4th, 2012!

Kudos to local interior designer, Shar Cipriano for the amazing makeover of her small kitchen to a place of color, warmth and fun! Bravissima, Shar!

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Austin-Hitchcock Galveston Master - POSSIBLE V&V Cover by BSE - no doubt w/o fan!

We’ve got our fingers crossed here @ Blackstone Edge Studios for a third cover in our recent run of covers… BSE, which now has 166 covers to its name, is unusual because unlike most photographers who garner covers, ours are spread over a diverse spectrum of magazines, everything from Coastal Living to Futon Life to Softball Magazine!

This possible cover is for the second issue of Vintage & Victorian magazine. First came the call for covers. We were rushing to a shoot for Garrison Hullinger Interior Design (prior to his trip to the Bay Area to speak at a and Rejuvenation Opening). Nevertheless, I took time to make a quick scan of our vast Victorian library for a suitable cover and sent a bunch over to the head honchos for their approval. Ironically, we have two great articles already in that magazine due out shortly (see previous post). But V&V has set a new precedent… choosing a cover that’s NOT in the magazine!!!

Forgot cell phone. Our trusty Technical Guru, Marshal Serna, arrived at the studio. The magazine wanted a hi-res of one of the shots I sent from the home of Cathy & Steve Austin – then of Galveston, Texas… a long story in itself, that began with Hurricane Ike devastating this beautiful home and the Austin-Hitchcock’s valiant efforts to save it and return it to a glory it probably had never witnessed prior to the “deluge!”

Finally, Marshal got through to Garrison on his cell. The hi-res photo was successfully uploaded. And now the wait begins. Word has it that three possible covers were chosen. Only two made it to the printer for testing. And the Austin-Hitchcock bedroom was one of them.  FINGERS COLLECTIVELY CROSSED EVERYONE… Nothing would please us more than to see the beautiful restoration by Steve & Cathy Austin-Hitchcock honored on a national cover. Here’s to their incredible efforts! Bravi tutti!

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Street of Dreams magazine cover by BSE

Blackstone Edge Studios latest campaign motto is “BE SEEN. BE AWESOME. BE A WINNER!” A BSE photo from last year’s winner of the 2011 Portland Street of Dreams – “Con Amore” – garnered the cover of the 2012 Street of Dreams magazine. The 2012 show opens this weekend in West Linn, Oregon. In addition to helping Brentwood Homes, WhiteHouse Collection and Sue Amos of Paul Schatz Furniture get published in Portrait of Portland magazine last Fall, BSE was instrumental in getting another client in this year’s Montauk home built by Todd Delahunt of Delahunt Homes, designed by Richard White of WhiteHouse Collection with interiors by Candace White also of WhiteHouse Collection, and Sue Amos of Paul Schatz Furniture. BSE lives up to its motto!

BSE's 165th national cover - this time for Old-House Journal's October 2012 issue

On Monday, we received copies of our cover photo on the October 2012 issue of Old-House Journal, marking our 165th cover for national magazines. We got word this morning that a third cover is under consideration for another national interior design magazine. Never 2 without 3!!!

Thanks again to all of our talented clients for their amazing work. Without them, we could not do what we do.

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Blackstone Edge Studios wishes everyone a Happy Summer!

In honor of summer, we post one of our favorite images that speaks of the blissful summer time, the love of family, and the beauty of our countryside. Thanks to Auntie Joy – Joy Bayer – at whose home this bucolic photo was taken a few years ago…

Summertime @ Auntie Joy's in Silverton, Oregon ©Blackstone Edge Studios

We here in the Pacific Northwest know that if it’s the Rose Festival – it’s still raining. Visitors remark on “How Green!” everything is. Rain is definitely a big component of our magnificent greenery. Even 4th of July can be iffy, no rain, perhaps, like this year, but plenty of wind off the Columbia River to make jackets requisite apparel in which to watch fireworks exploding in the crimson sky.

Okay, so all that’s passed, and now it’s nearly Bastille Day – Le Quatorze Juillet – for those Francophiles out there.  (Enjoy “La Marseillaise” the way Edith Piaf was made to sing it in the streets by her Dad in this excerpt from the film).

Enfin!!! The sun has arrived… So lie in it, cut grass in it, garden to your heart’s content in it –  chores like cutting back all that greenery that went beserk amidst the rain and chill… Best of all,  just RELAX in it… and have a great weekend as you luxuriate in the JOY of SUMMER’S ARRIVAL!

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