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Blackstone Edge Studios Web Updates

It’s been such a busy summer here at Blackstone Edge Studios that we’ve barely had time to make any changes to our website.  Here are just a few of the things we’ve been up to:

Created a website for a new gynecology firm in Hillsboro near Orenco Station. Drs. Sarah Jordan and Nicola Rotberg are opening their doors at Grapevine Women’s Health and Gynecology, LLC on September 3rd.

Grapevine Women's Health and Gynecology website designed by Blackstone Edge Studios

Grapevine Women’s Health and Gynecology website designed by Blackstone Edge Studios

Blackstone Edge Studios keeps returning to its first love – filmmaking – with promo pieces, restoration of previous films to HD, big YouTube hits like “The Heaviest Load,” which just tipped the 2.2 million hit mark! Check out our “YouTube” page to see what’s new.

A late 1970s under water film that Philip photograhed, in part, here in PDX at the Port of Portland.

Years ago, Philip produced many industrial films, when America was littered with smoke stack industries. His clients included: Bechtel, Chevron, Bethlehem Steel, GE, Morrison Knudsen, etc. He traveled the length and breadth of the US, lugging camera equipment to film in quarries, mines, hanging out of helicopters or off the sides of skyscrapers in Las Vegas. The most arcane film, which actually brought him to the Port of Portland many years before we located here, was “The Repair of Submerged Concrete Structures.” It rained every day during the 4-day shoot, but it didn’t matter, because it was underwater photography! Little did he know that he would come to live here much later.

Notice the new rotating images on our blog banner… Shot at Trillium Lake, and various magazine locations. Speaking of magazines, we’ve already mentioned our latest covers in our last post, which now appear here.

Stay tuned for further updates… Soon!


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Blackstone Edge Studios Looks Back on Old-House Interiors

It’s no news that magazines have been undergoing some hard times lately! But we were surprised to find that the popular Old-House Interiors is now being combined with Old-House Journal into one better and brighter single edition. Editor Patricia Poore has written poignantly of her days as a new mom starting Old-House Interiors in 1995, to her present-day tripartite editorship with Arts & Crafts Homes Revival and Early Homes and now the combining of the Old-House magazines. You can scroll through a couple of decades of magazines, where you’ll find many of our covers and stories, if you link here.

We’d forgotten a couple of our own covers in the mix, starting with this summer 1997 cover of a bath we photographed up in the Spokane, Washington, area.


And this one from Fall 2004, a kitchen designed by old-house aficionados, Steve Austin & Cathy Hitchcock, here in Portland, Oregon.


You can see a number of our articles online, including a portion of the cover article from the new combined October 2013 edition of Old-House Journal here. And here’s BSE’s cover on the newly combined magazine of the Brick House Beautiful owned by Sue Carter & Bob Low, celebrating Old-House Journal’s 40th anniversary!

BSE's Old-House Journal 40th Anniversary cover

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Blackstone Edge Studios Welcomes Grapevine Women’s Health & Gynecology, LLC

Blackstone Edge Studios is excited to announcing the launching of its new client’s website:

Grapevine Women's Health & Gynecology's website designed by Blackstone Edge Studios

Grapevine Women’s Health & Gynecology’s website designed by Blackstone Edge Studios

Doctors Sarah Jordan and Nicola Rotberg are opening the doors to their new business, Grapevine Women’s Health & Gynecology on September 3, 2013.

Dr. Rotberg and Dr. Jordan welcome you to their new offices on September 3, 2013.

Dr. Rotberg and Dr. Jordan welcome you to their new offices on September 3, 2013.

Conveniently located near Orenco Station in Hillsboro at 5880 NE Cornell Rd, Suite C 97124, the new business will address women’s health and nutritional needs from adolescence upward. Dr. Jordan and Dr. Rotberg share an impressive background with a wide range of skills and interests. Call for an appointment today at 971-288-0987.

Congratulations to Doctors Jordan and Rotberg!  We wish them all the very, very best!

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GHID & Blackstone Edge Studios Featued in PRISMMA – An Indian Online Magazine

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design is featured in the March issue of Prismma, featuring images by Blackstone Edge Studios

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design is featured in the March issue of Prismma, with images by Blackstone Edge Studios (Click to Enlarge)

Our client Garrison Hullinger Interior Design, who has been working with new clients in India, is also being featured in Prismma, an online Indian magazine this month – available for viewing here. The article appears in the segment entitled “Globe Trot.”  The expansive layout features images exclusively by Blackstone Edge Studios

Congratulations to Garrison and his growing team on being given such wonderful coverage!

(The link to BSE site, by the way, is only partially visible in the dark sofa at right!)

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Blackstone Edge Studios Welcomes New Client – Ann Sacks Tile

Blackstone Edge Studios shoots ASC Modern Tile for Ann Sacks Tile

The work that Blackstone Edge Studios shot and styled for new client Ann Sacks Tile has been under wraps until now. The ASC Modern tile is an exciting new addition to their line, because it is made right here in Portland, Oregon.  This color wave is called “Root Beer,” and would be a beautiful addition to any bathroom.

BSE shoots Lucian Metallics Tile for Ann Sacks Tile

Shooting any reflective surface – especially glass – is a tricky proposition, but the folks at Ann Sacks Tile were very pleased with the image we created at Blackstone Edge Studios of their Lucian Metallics tile. What an absolute beaut it is!

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Blackstone Edge Studios updates Website

Updates to by BSE, including new portraits

When Kathia Emery of changed her own look – adding bangs – she realized she needed to update her website to reflect her current look. The same went for her blog. It, too, she decided, needed updating by widening the area used for her posts, and enlarging the size of the pictures of  her current projects on it.  She also had a new set of photos to add to the residential portion of her website. We @ Blackstone Edge Studios, having created the original site and blog, were excited to assist in this makeover.

Kathia finds that the addition of a blog to her site keeps her clientele abreast of her current work and has proven useful in bringing in new work. So glad we could assist!

Check out the new look here.

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Blackstone Edge Studios’ “Baggspiration” contest video is LIVE on YouTube

Blackstone Edge Studios had the honor of filming Baggallini’s head designer for their YouTube “Baggspiration” contest now LIVE on YouTube.  Great fun to put together the mood board used in the opening, and to create the scene at their headquarters here in Milwaukie for the event.

Be sure to check it out and if you feel inspired, sharpen your pencils and your creative minds and enter this exciting contest.

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Blackstone Edge Band Performing at the Coaster Theatre!

Blackstone Edge Band appearing @ Coaster Theatre Sat. April 27th, 2013 ©Juan Pablo Chiquiza

It’s official! The Blackstone Edge Band bus is headed to Cannon Beach, where the band is appearing at The Coaster Theatre on Saturday, April 27th… We know it’s official, because we’ve already gotten multiple requests from fans to hop on the bus (even those with back aches)… Reason? They hear there’s going to be a YouTube video made of the journey, as well as good Kraft services for the roadies.

The Sprinter we had in mind is too small. We’ll have to rent a second one for the camera crew and hangers on…

We’re adding an original song by yours truly. But more on that later.

Come to the Coast to join in the fun, filled with music, film clips, raffled artwork, and the fragrance of the fresh sea air!!!

Blackstone Edge Band performing @ Andina Restaurant ©Blackstone Edge Studios

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Blackstone Edge Studios wins GOLD PIXIE AWARD!!!

Blackstone Edge Studios is proud to announce it has just won the GOLD PIXIE AWARD for the 60 second spot it created for its talented interior design client, Garrison Hullinger Interior Design. Original music by Blackstone Edge Band musical director, Dave Fleschner.  There was fierce competition for this coveted award for animation from many new York ad agencies and beyond. You can view the 60 second spot on YouTube or here or on our site!  We are very grateful to work with such multi-talented people. Congratulations to all!!!

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Blackstone Edge Studios launches Neighborhood Partners New WordPress Site

BSE launches WordPress site for ©Blackstone Edge Studios

Blackstone Edge Studios is very excited to announce the successful recreation of Neighborhood Partners, LLC, flash site into a WordPress site. The changeover means that our clients’ website will now be entirely readable/visible on IPads, IPhones and Smart phones – something that flash sites are not easily viewed upon. The migration also enables this worthy company, which builds affordable housing in cities like Davis, Woodland and Dixon, California, to move up its placement on Search Engines like Google. The site is also physically larger, thus illustrating the quality of their work on a grand scale – as represented by various images by Blackstone Edge Studios.

Visit the site and see for yourselves!

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