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Five Product Launch Films for Summer Infant and Yellow Prairie Interior Design

Blackstone Edge Films has had a busy year. Starting with a “Keep Portland Weird” film for the 222nd Presbyterian General Assembly held in Portland, Oregon – shown to 5,000 people at the convention, and which remains in perpetuity on the Presbytery’s website.

Oaks Parks is just one of the 70+ locales featured in “Keeping PDX Weird”

Last fall, BSE began writing/directing/filming and producing 5 videos for our new client Summer Infant, the largest manufacturer of baby products in the U.S.  in connection with Yellow Prairie Interior Design for a launch of Summer Infant’s latest line of stylish baby gates – suitable for your “fur babies,” too!  Watch them here.

To honor the work of Operation Nightwatch, BSE Films did a short film on their Mobile Outreach program helping the many homeless in Portland, Oregon.  Watch it here.

Operation Nightwatch serves the large homeless population in PDX

Recently, we began working with Pastor Brett Webb-Mitchell, author of Practicing Pilgrimage, to develop a TV series based on his book.

Practicing Pilgrimage by Brett Webb-Mitchell


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Our client, David J. Thompson, in conjunction with Co-opportunity Cooperative Food Market in Santa Monica, California will be launching David’s book on the history and success of this extraordinary market next Saturday in honor of Co-op Month in the USA. My review of the book is here below!

Co-opportunity: The Rise Of A Community Owned Market
Book Review by Donna Pizzi of Blackstone Edge, Portland, Oregon

“Co-opportunity: The Rise of a Community Owned Market” reads like a good mystery. There is drama from the outset, with the struggles of its beginnings spearheaded by author, David J. Thompson, one of its four co-founders, to its near death in the late 1970s, to the dramatic entry of a hippie stranger who coins the store’s name, to its total renaissance borne out of people cooperating to bring it to its present state of glory – none of which occurred without some sparks flying, and some hearts broken and mended, too. It truly is a page turner.

Co-opportunity is the vibrant food co-op in Santa Monica, California, which co-sponsored the book about its unique beginnings over forty years ago. Lovingly authored by Co-opportunity co-founder, David J. Thompson, the most published author in America on cooperatives, the book is, indeed, a landmark story about a legendary co-op. It is being published in commemoration of Co-op Month in the USA, and in association with the book launch at Co-opportunity’s 41st Annual Meeting on Sunday, October 18th..

The book charts the amazing efforts of a small group of pioneers, who shepherd the cooperative food market from its humble beginnings all the way to becoming the busiest open-to-the-public single store co-op in the country, There are stories of boards being challenged, barriers being broken, hurdles being jumped, and the growth problems associated with organizational development, change and conflict. The book is a must-read for everyone presently engaged in the exciting and energetic wave of food co-ops around the country and will undoubtedly comfort those readers as they witness co-op dreams coming true.

The contributors to the book, who are a Who’s Who of Food Co-ops in America that include over 20 national and local co-op leaders, share their memories and testimonials throughout the book. Accolades from outside the cooperative sector have come from Frances Moore Lappé, author of “Diet for a Small Planet,” and scores of other books; Ruth Goldway, Former Mayor of Santa Monica and a former Chair of the US Postal Commission, Richard Katz, former Democratic Assembly Leader in California and Ambassador Derek Shearer now Director of the McKinnon Center for Global Affairs At Occidental College.

The book opens with greetings from Kevin McKeown, the present Mayor of Santa Monica, followed by a foreword by Ann M. Evans, a former Mayor of Davis and a co-founder of the Davis Food Co-op and the Davis Farmers Market.

The book closes with Bruce Palma, General Manager of Co-opportunity penning a chapter about the role of Will Simon as General Manager, followed by a chapter on his own role in bringing the store to its current successful status. Bruce’s chapters are well written, humorous, and full of perceptions and cover perhaps one of the most challenging periods in Co-opportunity’s history. Bruce and Will are to be complemented for the role they played in steadying the co-op for later success.
David Thompson’s caring and crafted overview represents the history of hundreds of other natural food consumer cooperative that appeared in the 1960s and 70s. What a time it was! Only one other book, “Growing With Purpose: Forty Years of Seward Community Cooperative” by Kari Cornell and Patricia Cumbie, has equally documented the untold history of the astounding wave of consumer cooperatives that swept the nation.

With 174 pages, 18 pages of photographs, and lots of history, the book covers the birth of an idea becoming a retail champion.

The book is available through Co-opportunity. The price is $10 plus tax and shipping. Contact Audrey Beim at to order the book. Due to the financial support from Co-opportunity and David J. Thompson, the entire proceeds of the sales of each book will be donated to the Co-opportunity Cooperative Community Fund.

In addition, all other donations to the Co-opportunity Cooperative Community Fund will be matched by a $5,000 donation from Co-opportunity, a $5,000 donation from David J. Thompson, and $1,500 in donations from Frontier Co-op, the National Cooperative Bank, and the Twin Pines Cooperative Foundation. All donations will build the Co-opportunity Cooperative Community Fund endowment Every year; Co-opportunity awards the annual income to local non-profits.

Contact the author: Contact the reviewer: Donna Pizzi:

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Blackstone Edge Studios is very honored to have been chosen to photograph three of the top 2015 Street of Dreams homes in Lake Oswego. After 5 days of shooting at the three locations, and 250 images, we are excited to be presenting the three complete packages to those who worked so tirelessly to create such amazing homes in such a power-packed period of design-build-decorate.

Garrison Hullinger Interior Design created the interiors for two of the three homes: Sandhill Crane with Westlake Development Group and The Adeline. These vastly different homes in style show the breadth of Garrison Hullinger’s team’s expertise.


The Sandhill Crane – GHID – Westlake Development Group


The Sandhill Patio - GHID

The Sandhill Patio – GHID


window w/o light.

The Adeline – GHID

Brian Schmidt Builder completed the third home, Joie de Vivre, in just 26 weeks. Amazing team work from his whole crew, including AV Awakenings, MW Design Workshop, Portland Millwork, Northwest Outdoor Living & Landscapes, Cascade Woodworking and Ronda Divers Interiors.

Ext _Evening_2_02087_bse

The show continues until August 30th, 2015. Don’t miss these homes and six others on the show.


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BSE Launches Custom Website


Blackstone Edge Studios has created a sumptuous, tasty new website, all done from scratch – all cooking term puns intended! Visit the custom made Thai Square website by BSE and you’ll be drooling. Not only for its vibrant colors, tasty food and snazzy new logo, but also for its YouTube video, which takes you behind the scenes to see just how your food is made… You’ll wish we had installed a scratch and sniff as well!

Check out BSE’s updated website, too. There you’ll find updated images under DETAILS, COVERS, and the YOUTUBE tiles.

Grass doesn’t grow beneath our team’s feet… because we enjoy what we do!


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Blackstone Edge Studios – 60 Second Beauty Energizer

An image from 60 Second Beauty Energizer - the Nichelin home featured in the latest French Country Style

An image from 60 Second Beauty Energizer – the Nichelin home featured in the latest French Country Style

You’ve heard of the Energizer Bunny, right? Well, Blackstone Edge Studios, known for its yummy vignettes, has compiled a bevy of beautiful, perky, funny, images, including some funny cats, dogs, and mannequins – as the perfect way to start your day! Or uplift that 4 o’clock slump. The music, composed and performed by Colin E. Cowles is the best antidote to any sort of bad weather blues. Now, just click and enjoy! Don’t be afraid to click several times, just to see them all again… and, well, maybe AGAIN!

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What’s New @ Blackstone Edge Studios

As passionate filmmakers, we at Blackstone Edge Studios wanted to amend our website to feature some of our film clips and awards as a landing page! Now you don’t even have to go to the “tile” marked “Awards” at the bottom of the Home Page to see what Blackstone Edge Studios has garnered most recently.

BSE wins Gold Innovator Award from Summit International

BSE wins Gold Innovator Award from Summit International

We hope that more of clients present and future will make use of our talents as filmmakers and editors to promote their product in a unique way.

You’ll want to see this on device larger than your cell phone to get the full visual effect. We’ve highlighted a few of the clips with references to their original films or YouTube series, but others you will have to go a bit deeper into the site (click on YouTube tile, for instance) to discover their origins.



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BSE captures European cover photo for Mobile Europe

BSE captures European cover photo for Mobile Europe

Blackstone Edge Studios – with roots in Europe – was chosen to photograph hi-tech Radisys CEO, Brian Bronson, for the cover of Mobile Europe magazine. Congrats to all involved!


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BSE Cover shot for Arts & Crafts Home Spring 2014

BSE Cover -Arts & Crafts Home Spring 2014

While snow flurries dot the Portland landscape, a flurry of national and international covers by Blackstone Edge Studios are appearing on newstands every where. This adorable seaside cabin with a lighthouse tower – article written and house styled by Donna Pizzi of BSE – is located in Cannon Beach, Oregon. We shot the cabin after photographing a pair of homes, one in Cannon Beach and another in Astoria, Oregon for the same magazine.

BSE cover for Old-House Journal Spring 2014

BSE cover for Old-House Journal Spring 2014

The Brick House Beautiful, which we photographed for Old-House Interiors before it was shuttered has now graced the covers of two Old-House Journals, including the initial 40 year anniversary cover of the combined magazines. Kudos to clients Karla Pearlstein of Restoring History and  Matthew Roman of Roman LLC for the kitchen design. Here’s the cover shot of exterior.

BSE's Old-House Journal 40th Anniversary cover

Finally we shot an Oregon hi-tech CEO for the cover of Mobile Europe, which should appear very shortly!

We’re nearing 200 national covers very soon…



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Ardoyne – Again & Again

Paintings by children of Ardoyne, which were displayed in an exhibition at The Tate Gallery In London - from "A Place Called Ardoyne."

Paintings by children of Ardoyne, which were displayed in an exhibition at The Tate Gallery In London – from “A Place Called Ardoyne.”

I’ve been working on the lyrics to my original song “Ardoyne” with  Daniel Buhr – a Swedish film composer of Colombian origins – which will be accompanied by excerpts from my award-winning film “A Place Called Ardoyne” that I directed in 1974, about the Troubles in Ireland. The song and new video will be premiered November 23, 2013, at the Old Liberty Theater in Ridgefield, Washington, when Blackstone Edge Band performs it there with me singing the lead.

While on location in California, shooting for our client Heritage Commons, I received an email from a native of Ardoyne now living in Wales, requesting the usage of 20 seconds of my film for a video depicting his original song “You In His Eyes.” I granted him the rights to do so, and this morning I received a very early and excited call from the songwriter Padraig Lalor. He was describing to me how emotional he was the first time he saw an excerpt from the film on YouTube, in which he appears.  He just couldn’t get over having spoken to the young man (myself) who he recalls coming to Ardoyne to make that film so many years ago. I was incredibly impressed that he had a full ride to Oxford University, where he studied Milton, and from which he received his law degree. (What’s interesting is that Milton was an advocate of Free Press in his time!)

Map of Belfast, Northern Ireland 1973.

Map of Belfast, Northern Ireland 1973.

Now I must get back to memorizing my own lyrics! You’d think that would be easy, but it’s not! Come see the show. Daniel Buhr’s sister, who lives in Eugene will be there to hear her brother’s composition – the two were separated when adopted to different countries. Already,  I feel the power of this song to bring reconciliation to our troubled world.

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Blackstone Edge Studios’ Love for Filmmaking Shines Through

Filmmaking has always been at the root of our careers and our passions and even brought us together.

Our client, Garrison Hullinger, a whiz on social media, was excited by the prospect of our latest promotional film concept that shows not only GHID’s superb work, but also the faces and personalities behind his growing business.  As a setting, we used the Waterfront Pearl Condos Penthouse, since we were also shooting the two showcase condos the company had decorated.

This film was used as a promo tool at 2013 Street of Dreams, where over 60,000 attendees viewed the video that played in the rec room throughout the day and month-long event. Now it’s available for the public on YouTube for all to see.

The first video we created for GHID won a Gold Pixie Award for Animation. Blackstone Edge Studios loves filmmaking!

Blackstone Edge Studios wins Gold Pixie Award for Garrison Hullinger Interior Design 60 second spot

Blackstone Edge Studios wins Gold Pixie Award for Garrison Hullinger Interior Design 60 second spot

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