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PHOENIX COMICON – “ARDOYNE’S” Latest Official Selection

Phoenix Comicon Film Festival "Ardoyne" is an Official Selection

Phoenix Comicon Film Festival chooses”Ardoyne” as an Official Selection

On the heels of our World Theatrical Premiere at the Tiburon International Film Festival, we returned to Portland to discover “Ardoyne” has become an “Official Selection” for the Phoenix Comicon Film Festival! Here, we will be rubbing shoulders with such film stars as Christopher Lloyd, Ron Perlman, Barry Bostwick and Mary McDonnell (of “Dances with Wolves.”) Three fun-packed days May 28-31st.

It’s going to be a busy season for “Ardoyne,” which will also appear at the New York City International Film Festival (4/30-5/7), where William Shatner will be showing his doco on Star Trek: “Chaos on the Bridge.” He’ll be following us from NYC to Phoenix, where both of our films will be shown! Go Trekkies!

If you can’t make those festivals, chin up! You can find “Ardoyne” being shown around the world: Philadelphia Independent Film Festival, Media City FF, Brooklyn, NY Bahche FF, North Hollywood FF Sizzle Reel this summer, BARCELONA – Paris – NYC Human Rights, FF and Big As Texas FF in Austin, the latter are both in October. If you want to pitch a tent, you can see “Ardoyne” at the Columbia Gorge FF this summer in Vancouver, Camas & Washougal.



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New BSE Band Song – Avenues of Manhattan

Avenues_of_Manhattan_workWriting a song about New York City is a tricky thing, especially when it’s already been written about by the likes of Cole Porter and Irving Berlin! Each line needs to be perfect before I can even come close to these lyricists’ work. On the other hand, pop songs tend to repeat a simple bridge a hundred times over, and usually aren’t very tuneful. Either way, composer Daniel Buhr in Sweden (“Ardoyne” – NOW with 23,600+ Youtube hits – and the upcoming “Soweto Bound”) and I really have our work cut out for us to make “Avenues of Manhattan” a hit!  Stay tuned for the results! We look forward to my Blackstone Edge Band performing live!

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Out of 450,000 films, British Film Institute selects "A Place Called Ardoyne" to be digitized.

Out of 450,000 films, British Film Institute selects “A Place Called Ardoyne” to be digitized.

This morning we received notification at Blackstone Edge Studios from the British Film Institute that Philip Clayton-Thompson’s 1973 film “A Place Called Ardoyne” has been selected to be digitized as a way of preserving British history for future generations.  This is ironic given that PCT’s song “Ardoyne,” which uses footage from this award-winning film, has currently been accepted into 7 International Film Festivals. “A Place Called Ardoyne” won the 1973 Chicago Film Festival Silver Hugo Award.

You can see and hear “Arodyne” on YouTube. PCT, who directed the original film, wrote the lyrics and is the lead vocalist for his band “Blackstone Edge Band.”

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Children of Belfast paintings created for original film "A Place Called Ardoyne

Children of Belfast paintings created for original film “A Place Called Ardoyne” by Philip Clayton-Thompson and animated for “Ardoyne,” the music video.

In only 2 short weeks, “Ardoyne,” the music video produced by Blackstone Edge Studios with lyrics by Philip Clayton-Thompson and music by Daniel Buhr, is among the top ten songs on ReverbNation.
The video uses clips from “A Place Called Ardoyne,” and animates the children of Belfast’s paintings created for the original 1972 film, which won the Chicago Film Festival in 1973.
Watch it HERE:


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Ardoyne – Again & Again

Paintings by children of Ardoyne, which were displayed in an exhibition at The Tate Gallery In London - from "A Place Called Ardoyne."

Paintings by children of Ardoyne, which were displayed in an exhibition at The Tate Gallery In London – from “A Place Called Ardoyne.”

I’ve been working on the lyrics to my original song “Ardoyne” with  Daniel Buhr – a Swedish film composer of Colombian origins – which will be accompanied by excerpts from my award-winning film “A Place Called Ardoyne” that I directed in 1974, about the Troubles in Ireland. The song and new video will be premiered November 23, 2013, at the Old Liberty Theater in Ridgefield, Washington, when Blackstone Edge Band performs it there with me singing the lead.

While on location in California, shooting for our client Heritage Commons, I received an email from a native of Ardoyne now living in Wales, requesting the usage of 20 seconds of my film for a video depicting his original song “You In His Eyes.” I granted him the rights to do so, and this morning I received a very early and excited call from the songwriter Padraig Lalor. He was describing to me how emotional he was the first time he saw an excerpt from the film on YouTube, in which he appears.  He just couldn’t get over having spoken to the young man (myself) who he recalls coming to Ardoyne to make that film so many years ago. I was incredibly impressed that he had a full ride to Oxford University, where he studied Milton, and from which he received his law degree. (What’s interesting is that Milton was an advocate of Free Press in his time!)

Map of Belfast, Northern Ireland 1973.

Map of Belfast, Northern Ireland 1973.

Now I must get back to memorizing my own lyrics! You’d think that would be easy, but it’s not! Come see the show. Daniel Buhr’s sister, who lives in Eugene will be there to hear her brother’s composition – the two were separated when adopted to different countries. Already,  I feel the power of this song to bring reconciliation to our troubled world.

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Blackstone Edge Band Performs at Coaster Theatre Saturday, April 27th

Blackstone Edge Band performing at Kenyon Hall on April 13, 2013, next stop The Coaster Theatre in Cannon Beach Sat, April 27th

Blackstone Edge Band performing at Kenyon Hall on April 13, 2013, next stop The Coaster Theatre in Cannon Beach Sat, April 27th

Blackstone Edge Studios presents Blackstone Edge Band at the Coast. BSE Band is making a BIG SPLASH tomorrow – Saturday, April 27th, 2013, at the Coaster Theatre with songs that swing from Sinatra to Sting. The event features 10 LCD screens and a large 15′ screen upon which are Classic Film Clips edited by Blackstone Edge Studios to accompany many of the band’s songs. Audiences rave about the show wherever it appears, calling it “Phenomenal, most creative show we’ve seen!” Didier Sudre of Vie de Boheme Lou Magor of Kenyon Hall, where the band appeared two weeks ago, has already asked the band for a return engagement.

What makes the BSE Band Show a spectacle is the fact it lives dangerously on the cutting edge of technology, with the use of Raspberry Pi computers to send moving images and sound across multiple platforms onto 11 screens. The top flight musicians must also work to click tracks, watch their screens for cues, and move ever forward! It’s a show not to be missed.

A new, exciting number with an original arrangement by musical director Dave Fleschner – Roxanne – features imagery by lead singer and Blackstone Edge Studios owner Philip Clayton-Thompson.

So, come on down to the Coaster Theatre in Cannon Beach!!! It’s going to be a whale of show!

BSE Band debuting the newly orchestrated version of "Roxanne" at Kenyon Hall

BSE Band debuting the newly orchestrated version of “Roxanne” at Kenyon Hall

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BSE Witnesses End of an Era in Film

By coincidence, on the very day Philip had sent one of his 16mm films – Metro 6000 – to AlfaCine for digital transfer to upload to BSE’s YouTube site, we decided to see “Argo” at Portland’s Cinemagic Theater that night.  After discovering the theater in total darkness, Philip went back out and encountered a tech guy, and asked when they planned to switch to digital projection.

“Actually, that’s why the theater is dark,” he said, “we’re in the midst of the changeover right now. So the film may be a bit delayed.”

Philip asked if he could come see it, and the fellow said, “Sure, come up after the show!”

As the credits were rolling, we left the plush theater to climb the rickety stairs to the projection booth, where we felt the ghosts of Fellini’s “Eight and a Half,” “The Wild Bunch,” and Roger Vadim’s “Barbarella” hanging in the air. The Christie 35mm Projector lay in a corner, a discarded relic of yesteryear – its only value as scrap metal.

The ugly, bare walls showed evidence of frustrated projectionists, whose fists had penetrated its walls when broken film sprockets jumped out of the gate or a short loop caused the film to break.

Reams of raw footage lay scattered underfoot amid discarded takeup spools and splits.

In their place, was a gleaming, but incongruous computer-driven digital system.

Christie Digital Projector

The digital film lay inanimately in an oblong cassette.

Digital Film Cassette

Having worked on many film sets in London, Philip always volunteered to take the film canisters to London’s various labs – Rank, CFI, or Technicolor. “I just thought the lab was such an interesting part of the filmmaking process,” recalls Philip. “When a film was finished, I would sit with ‘The Timer’ working on the Hazeltine machine, which analyzed how to ‘time’ a film print for the proper amounts of red, blue, and green light.”

“I have worked in film since I was a kid,” continues Philip, “and learned every aspect, from pre-production to distribution and exhibition. Being present to witness the very moment when 100-year-old cinema technology vanished and a radical change was put in place seemed perfect to me, who has successfully embraced such inventions as the YouTube phenomena.”

Ironically, it is Philip’s vintage film “The Heaviest Load,” that has garnered more than 2 million viewers on our YouTube page, and I, who have written for Hollywood films, who got to edit some of the film clips for his Blackstone Edge Band, which uses cutting edge technology and wireless, mini computers to drive the clips to 14 different screens during the performance.

It may be the end of an era, but with Philip’s brilliant ability to see the future and embrace it wholeheartedly, I’m certain we’ll continue to stay ahead of the curve. Thank you, Philip, for your incredible vision!

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