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Blackstone Edge Studios Welcomes New Client – Ann Sacks Tile

Blackstone Edge Studios shoots ASC Modern Tile for Ann Sacks Tile

The work that Blackstone Edge Studios shot and styled for new client Ann Sacks Tile has been under wraps until now. The ASC Modern tile is an exciting new addition to their line, because it is made right here in Portland, Oregon.  This color wave is called “Root Beer,” and would be a beautiful addition to any bathroom.

BSE shoots Lucian Metallics Tile for Ann Sacks Tile

Shooting any reflective surface – especially glass – is a tricky proposition, but the folks at Ann Sacks Tile were very pleased with the image we created at Blackstone Edge Studios of their Lucian Metallics tile. What an absolute beaut it is!

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1 Kathia Emery { 02.12.13 at 5:00 pm }

Congratulations on getting the Ann Sacks Tile projects. The photos are beautiful! I know how hard it is to photograph mirrors AND lighting fixtures. Both look wonderful in these shots. Great job!

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