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Philip Clayton-Thompson of Blackstone Edge Studios Keynote Speaker

Philip Clayton-Thompson gives 2012 Keynote Address @ Portland Art Institute

I had the honor of being asked to give the Keynote Address at Friday’s 2012 Summer graduation ceremonies for the Art Institute of Portland, held at the Governor Hotel.  I have, as co-owner of Blackstone Edge Studios, had a near decade-long relationship with AI.  The thrust of my speech was the need for lots of “Energy” to pursue a career in the creative arts.  I quoted the great British actor, Sir Lawrence Olivier, who when asked by the BBC interviewer, “What was the most important element of becoming a good actor? Was it learning lines, understanding the character, working with playwrights? Directors? Colleagues? ”  answered simply, “Oh, no, dear boy! Just Energy, Energy, Energy… Otherwise you might as well go home and watch the telly!”

Philip Clayton-Thompson joins Art Institute President Moscato on the stage at the Governor Hotel

If you’d like to read the entire speech, click HERE!

Art Institute Dean Kelly congratulates PCT on his speech

Congratulations again to all the talented graduates, professors, deans – including Dean Jason Clary – and President Moscato and Dean Kelly. Thank you for having me!


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