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Blackstone Edge Studios wishes everyone a Happy Summer!

In honor of summer, we post one of our favorite images that speaks of the blissful summer time, the love of family, and the beauty of our countryside. Thanks to Auntie Joy – Joy Bayer – at whose home this bucolic photo was taken a few years ago…

Summertime @ Auntie Joy's in Silverton, Oregon ©Blackstone Edge Studios

We here in the Pacific Northwest know that if it’s the Rose Festival – it’s still raining. Visitors remark on “How Green!” everything is. Rain is definitely a big component of our magnificent greenery. Even 4th of July can be iffy, no rain, perhaps, like this year, but plenty of wind off the Columbia River to make jackets requisite apparel in which to watch fireworks exploding in the crimson sky.

Okay, so all that’s passed, and now it’s nearly Bastille Day – Le Quatorze Juillet – for those Francophiles out there.  (Enjoy “La Marseillaise” the way Edith Piaf was made to sing it in the streets by her Dad in this excerpt from the film).

Enfin!!! The sun has arrived… So lie in it, cut grass in it, garden to your heart’s content in it –  chores like cutting back all that greenery that went beserk amidst the rain and chill… Best of all,  just RELAX in it… and have a great weekend as you luxuriate in the JOY of SUMMER’S ARRIVAL!


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