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“The Lost Gateways” by Margaret Fitzgerald is now available on Ebooks

"The Lost Gateways" by Margaret Fitzgerald available on Kindle through

As the editor of the late Margaret Fitzgerald’s novel “The Lost Gateways: Discovered Ancient “I AM” Principles,” I am proud to announce that after months and months of negotiating with her publisher Trafford Publishing – and navigating a nightmare of dead ends, failed promises, and an amazing lack of follow-through by its support staff, the book is FINALLY available on Kindle via for $9.95.

There are also a bizarre number of Margaret’s books available via the internet for astronomical fees that defy explanation…  29 Euros boasts one on EBay, $147 says Alibris when shipped from NY, $53 when shipped from Florida… And even Facebook has a page for the book on Kindle.

Perhaps the latter are some indication of the value of the book that while editing it, I found to be extraordinarily enlightening each time I read through it. These kernels of information seemed to pop up like jewels beaming in the sunlight after layers of “programming” were stripped away from one’s consciousness.

For those of you who did not know Margaret or  her multiple talents, let me say that she was a woman with a mission to help heal the individuals who populate our threatened planet through a journey around a wheel of  “I AM” principles. Her mission was cut far too short by a terminal illness that kept her from completing her ambitions, and projects.

Thank you, Margaret, for the lessons you gave us!


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